“The organizing committee of the international conference “Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence” invites entrepreneur Elon Musk, former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and OpenAI co–founder Greg Brockman to participate in the event as speakers and share their views on the future of artificial intelligence,” RIA Novosti quotes the message.

We offer to evaluate the possibility of participation of the founders of SpaceX and ChatGPT from OpenAI. To do this, we asked this question to the director of FscoreLab – Nikita Nikolaevich.

Unfortunately, inviting does not mean organizing a real performance of the founders. I would estimate the probability of Elon Musk’s speech at the AI journey AI conference within 0.5%.

Among the reasons why Elon Musk is unlikely to come to the conference, Nikita outlined:

  1. The main organizer of AI Journey – Sberbank is under Western sanctions.
  2. Elon Musk and Sam Altman also work in the field of the US state defense order, which imposes certain restrictions on speaking on topics such as AI in Russia.
  3. It is difficult to organize the actual arrival of speakers.
  4. Hardly speakers have the desire for such a speech.