Data analysis technology for professionals in credit market

High analysis accuracy of credit scoring, credit terms personalized research, risks assessment, «Turnkey» automation of your business process

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FscoreLab — developer of scoring systems for predictive analytics
  • Credit scoring
  • Loan term recommendation
  • Automatic recognition of the borrower’s documents, etc.
  • We solve non-standard problems
    Deal with unprepared «dirty data», do systematization and get data ready for further analysis and lead data to a common denominator
  • We improve data quality and indicators
    Our scoring models provide accuracy up to 50-80% as we build scoring models individually
  • We guarantee full KPI performance
    We will develop KPIs and ensure their achievement before signing the agreement
We use cutting edge technologies in education, computer sight and AI
We are an active R&D programs participant in Russia and abroad

Fast implementation

We are offer two ways to implement our solutions:
  • Mode one
    Scoring models on our server
    Monthly payment, update every 6 months
  • Mode two
    Scoring models on your server
    One-time payment + update every 6 months


Our customer results will tell you more than we can say

Our team

Nikita Nikolaev
Ekaterina Popova
Alexey Chernikov
Evgeniy Nikitin
Chief Data Scientist
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