Fscorelab was founded in 2015. Over the past 8 years, the company has implemented a lot of projects with Banks and MFIs from the top 100 in the field of credit scoring, data enrichment, business performance evaluation, etc.

Fscorelab not only uses the latest research results in the field of machine and deep learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence, but also actively participates in R&D both in Russia and abroad.

Fscorelab services are most demanded by those customers who already have basic algorithms for solving the target problem and its automation and want to improve its quality, and those who are just beginning to think about its solution.

The most popular reasons for choosing Fscorelab among other companies specializing in data analysis are:

  • Strict internal algorithms, privacy and information security protocols, which are designed not only to protect your company and data from competitive intelligence, but also to maximize the protection of planned innovations.
  • The quality is as close as possible to the open competition for world-class data analysis.
  • The guarantee of the result is written in the contract.

Based on the results of the work you get not only ready, validated on tests software product, but also assistance in system integration, training and warranty service.