Data enrichment

We will increase GINI by 1-4 points by including biometric and geographic data packages

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up to 5%
the possibility of improving the accuracy of model classification
up to 15%
the possibility of increasing net profit

Enriching the data of scoring models will help

  • Improve classification/scoring accuracy
  • Reduce the risks of fraud
  • Increase the marginality of the credit pipeline

A complete package for extracting biometric variables is available as part of the service

  • Library of Geographical variables
  • Help for including macroeconomic metrics in scoring
  • Package of 3 staff consultations

We propose a number of the most significant variables, which, as a rule, are absent from most Microfinance organizations and Banks




If, as a result of the introduction of GEO and biometric packages, the growth of GINI is less than 0.3%, we will make a full refund.



The cost of the service

12 000 $

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