Deputies from the United Russia faction have taken the initiative to create cyber friends in the Russian Federation, which, together with law enforcement agencies, will identify prohibited information on the Web, including extremist information, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

The prepared bill will be considered at the coordination council of the faction and sent to the State Duma in case of support after receiving feedback from relevant departments.

As one of the developers of the draft law Oleg Bykov explained, the document is not aimed at restricting freedom of speech on the Internet. (but this is not accurate – editorial note)

“This is the regulation of the legal status and the procedure for dealing with illegal information, it is aimed at civil activity,” he said.

As indicated in the explanatory note, cyber friends will fight the posting of illegal information on the Internet, including those aimed at propaganda of war, incitement of national, racial or religious hatred and enmity, as well as information for the dissemination of which criminal or administrative responsibility is provided.

Cyber friends will be created on the initiative of Russians as public organizations. Responsibilities for the control of cyber-warriors are assigned to the territorial executive authorities overseeing mass communications. Citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 18 will be able to join the organization.

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