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We connecting professionals in data analysis from different parts of the world, so that our customers receive the maximum result

Quality assurance

We guarantee the performance of the indicators for your project. Guarantees and KPI are prescribed in the contract.

Solve non-standard tasks

We help in solving non-standard tasks, including working with unstructured (dirty) data.

Connecting best data scientists

FscoreLab works closely with a number of leading universities to continuously strengthen the team. Among our partners - SPbGEU, New York University.

about fscorelab

FscoreLab was founded in 2015. Over the past 2 years, the company has implemented more than ten projects with banks and MFIs from the top 100 in the field of credit scoring, data enrichment, business performance evaluation, etc.

FscoreLab is a developer and provider of solutions in the field of data analysis for customers of various profiles. We specialize in the following tasks:

  • Credit scoring
  • Object recognition
  • Forecasting Sales
  • Increase the accuracy of targeted marketing
  • Increase average check
  • and many other tasks
  • In its activity, FscoreLab not only uses the latest research results in the field of machine and in-depth training, computer vision and artificial intelligence, but also actively participates in R & D both in Russia and abroad.

FscoreLab services are most in demand both by those customers who already have basic algorithms for solving the target task and its automation and want to improve its quality, and those who are just beginning to think about its solution. The most popular reasons for choosing FscoreLab among other companies specializing in data analysis are:

  • Strict internal algorithms, protocols of confidentiality and information security, which are designed not only to protect your company and data from competitive intelligence, but also to protect the planned innovations as much as possible.
  • Quality, as close as possible to open competitions on the analysis of world-class data
  • The guarantee of the result is prescribed in the contract
  • We take up solving non-standard tasks, including unprepared (dirty) data.

As a result of the work, you get not only a software product that was tested on the tests, but also help in system integration, training and warranty service.

Our team

Nikita Nikolaev
Nikita Nikolaev
E-mail: n.nikolaev@fscorelab.ru
Evgene Nikitin
Evgene Nikitin
Chief Data Scientist
Skype: e.nikitin92
E-mail: e.nikitin@fscorelab.ru
Nikita Leshtayev
Nikita Leshtayev
Data Scientist
Yuriy Kovalyov
Yuriy Kovalyov
Director of Sales
Ekaterina Popova
Ekaterina Popova
Ivan Sokolov
Ivan Sokolov
Data Scientist

Our Competencies

Machine learning
Deep learning
System Architecture

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