FscoreLab took part in AI Day 2017

FscoreLab took part in AI Day 2017 https://fscorelab.com/fscorelab-took-part-in-ai-day-2017/ ИнновацииТехнологии
FscoreLab took part in AI Day 2017

FscoreLab took part in AI Day 2017 on Dec. 14, 2017, as part of the pitch session.

List of participants:

DataFuel – technology of psychometric analysis of social network profiles and digital traces for personalization of marketing, enrichment of CRM and improvement of scoring models.
FscoreLab – scoring technologies that reduce the number of bad debts by up to 75% without losing the volume of the loan portfolio.
Laeneco – a stethoscope with artificial intelligence that detects abnormalities in breathing, replaces the physician’s competence in primary lung diagnosis.
NeuroSeed – a platform-marketplace in the field of machine learning.
Sarafan – search for photos in the field of fashion-commerce using advanced developments in the field of neural computing.
Streetbee is an online platform for distributed research based on crowdsourcing and deep machine learning.
Statanly Technologies – an automated platform of services and tools for machine learning, data mining and visualization.
uKit AI – service of website redesign using generative algorithms, machine learning and neural networks: updates the front and layout of pages.
Spread – analytical services based on the database of extended information about the points of acceptance of bank cards.
• A stylist is a modular machine learning system that helps consumers find suitable clothing and accessories.

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