FscoreLab in the ranking of the best start-ups in 2017 by Ardma

FscoreLab in the ranking of the best start-ups in 2017 by Ardma https://fscorelab.com/fscorelab-in-the-ranking-of-the-best-start-ups-in-2017-by-ardma/ ИнновацииКейсы
FscoreLab in the ranking of the best start-ups in 2017 by Ardma

In recent years, the main trends in the world of innovations are marketplaces, financial technologies and the development of artificial intelligence. The best start-ups of 2017, which also complement programs for analysis, data recovery and robotics, are not an exception. Already at the beginning of the year, a lot of fresh and promising ideas were presented, which, along with continuing projects of past years, attract the attention of investors and the public.

The pace of innovation sphere development in Russia has not yet reached the world level, however many really interesting projects managed to attract not only attention, but also solid investments. Among the best at the time of 2017 were already familiar start-ups, and completely new ideas.

The FscoreLab project is an innovative solution for credit companies. The program allows you to assess the creditworthiness of potential customers by their photos and other parameters. First of all, computer recognition of persons is performed, which compares the appearance of the borrower with the base of scammers. This allows you to reduce the number of late payments and debt defaults. In addition to appearance, the client’s personal data is included in the evaluation parameters.

The product is targeted at microfinance organizations and private lenders, which is becoming a very popular activity in modern Russia. The product FscoreLab can be tested in the demo version, but full scoring technologies are available only with the purchase of the package.

Bracelets Sensors from CPS LAB
Developments from the company CPS LAB are already known to investors with their bracelets that track the efficiency of employees of companies. Their new project is the bracelets that determine the concentration of harmful and toxic substances in the air.

First of all, the product is focused on the mining industry. In addition, he can be involved in the security sector by the security services and the police.

Source: https://ardma.ru/predprinimatelstvo/startapy/401-luchshie-startapy-2017-goda-v-rossii-i-vsem-mire

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