With the help of the new package it is possible:

  • Significantly improve the accuracy of the developed scoring.
  • Speed up the process of creating (updating) scoring cards.
  • Add new variables to your scoring that are not available for most companies.

What is the SDK?

FscoreLab scoring SDK is a proprietary library for the most popular software products for working with data in risk management (Python, SAS, R), created by FscoreLab experts for professional players in the microfinance and banking market segments.

The main purpose of the library is automatic parsing of NBKI credit history files (in json and XML formats) and autogeneration of the most effective scoring features (state of the art). Including biometric data and data enrichment from open sources.

The purpose is to accelerate the process of creating scoring maps and internal risk management software products, enrich data and improve the accuracy of current models.