Selection of loan conditions (limit)

Selection of loan conditions (limit)
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Determination of the optimal limit for lending to a physical or legal person is one of the most important tasks of optimization in financial technologies.

On the one hand, the credit limit is the threshold number of the borrower’s transition from bad to good, on the other hand, an important aspect of the personalization of the offer and the substitution of the product (one for the other).

From the point of view of the credit business, the approved limit is “one of the most important” business indicators within the UNIT economy of the enterprise.

FSCoreLab assists credit organizations with professional assistance in developing a strategy for selecting loan terms / turn-key limits using optimization and machine learning methods or increasing the accuracy of an already existing algorithm.

After implementing the project on the selection of loan conditions in FscoreLab you will be able to:

  • Forecast the optimal loan amount
  • Calculate the optimal loan term
  • Find the gaps in the product line
  • Increase the accuracy of the current algorithm and the overall profit
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Selection of loan conditions (limit)FscoreLab proposes to increase the profitability of the credit company through more targeted and personalized loans. FscoreLab will help you to make the most accurate selection of loan conditions: the optimal amount, the term of the loan with the help of machine learning. International team of professionals!