Scoring service (SaaS)

Scoring service (SaaS)
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Scoring service in SaaS format is the optimal format for small microfinance organizations, credit cooperatives, insurance companies (a version with scoring scoring is connected).

Scoring service is the result of more than three years of work Fscorelab together with a number of credit organizations that have granted permission to use data for these purposes.

The scoring service model is built over 2,000,000 (two million credits).

Advantages of scoring service:

  • Rapid deployment and integration (within 1 working day)
  • Integration with your IT environment
  • The service was developed by data analysis specialists FscoreLab, which is already a guarantee of quality
  • Low cost


  • You will receive a forecast in the format only of the client category with a recommendation to issue a loan or refuse + the probability of delay.
  • Not individually. The accuracy is lower than in the individual scoring model, but above the average for the market.


  • Package for 1000 requests – 20 000 rubles (20 rubles per request)
  • 5000 requests – 75 000 rubles (15 rubles per request)
  • 50 000 requests – 500 000 rubles (10 rubles for a request for scoring)
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Scoring service (SaaS)Increase the profitability of your credit business with the scoring service from FscoreLab. We individualize the model for the needs of your business. The cloud-based architecture of the credit scoring service for MFIs complies with GDPR requirement