Increase the accuracy of targeted marketing

Increase the accuracy of targeted marketing
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Increasing the accuracy of targeted marketing is disturbed not only by e-commerce companies, large online stores, but also by the financial industry, manufacturing and telecom companies.

New times make their own adjustments and the “advertiser’s” inappropriate to the needs of the consumer is not only perceived as spam, but also directly affects the image of the brand.

Talking to the consumer in his language is not only important, but also necessary. Here, great data and machine learning come to our aid.

Where increasing the accuracy of targeted marketing produces a good result:

  • Internet marketing (optimization of contextual advertising and product offerings)
  • Forecasting and effective distribution of the advertising budget.
  • email marketing

FscoreLab offers the construction of a system of personalization of offers for customers based on machine learning and deep learning (increasing the accuracy of targeted marketing):

  • Building chain of “recommended products” for large online stores, based on the history of visits / visits / purchases based on your data and / or improving the accuracy of the current solution with the help of our experts
  • Development / correction of the sequence of trigger offers via email, push
  • Optimization of the system (schedule) of displays of advertising in online theaters / TV channels
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Increase the accuracy of targeted marketingAs part of the service to improve the accuracy of targeted marketing, FscoreLab not only helps to target marketing campaigns more accurately, but also compiles a profile of the "optimal" customer for each specific product / service of your company. Increase ROMI from your investments in advertising with professionals FscoreLab