Collection scoring (scoring of foreclosure method)

Collection scoring (scoring of foreclosure method)
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Arrears are an indispensable attribute of credit activity. The question of optimizing the collection of debts is solved in various ways:

  • Some MFIs and Banks cooperate with certain collection agencies
  • Some have full-time lawyers and recoverers
  • It is possible to combine the 1 st and 2 nd items
  • And, finally, the latter prefer to sell debts.

At the same time, the clients of the company that made the delay are always working and, accordingly, the data about it are stored.
For example, the Borrower 1 managed to recover a 30-day delay only by sending SMS, Borrower 2 with an equivalent loan amount and a debt term, succumbed only with the fifth call. With the Borrower 3, a court order is already being collected.
At the same time, the factor of how we should act on the debtor is predicted with the help of machine learning tools.
FscoreLab offers you a turn-key construction of the prediction model of foreclosure method and / or increasing the accuracy of the current algorithm.

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Collection scoring (scoring of foreclosure method)We will develop collection scoring to increase the percentage of debt collection in pre-trial order. FscoreLab is an international team of professionals in the field of machine learning and data analysis. Learn more about the service!