Building a risk department (data analysis)

Building a risk department (data analysis)
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Building a risk department is not only an important business task, but also a requirement of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Start-ups of MFIs, especially those who do not have managers “from the credit business,” lack experience and personnel to build their own risk department.

Of course, the market is adapted to this situation. Therefore, there are 2 types of proposals – scoring service and building a risk department “turnkey”. And if the target audience of the first product are newcomers of the market, who do not have much experience, a loan portfolio, reserves, then the target audience of the risk department is “turnkey” – companies that already have a foundation for quick start and expansion into the market, without wishing at the same time experiment with the quality of the appraisal of borrowers (scoring).

Within the framework of the service we are based on your needs, development strategy, product line and IT infrastructure:

  • Define the requirements for data analysts and / or risk managers
  • We determine whether CDO is needed or not, the optimal load and the number of the department
  • We select applicants for you
  • Interviewing
  • We agree with you on successful candidates
  • We are developing the basic scoring model
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Building a risk department (data analysis)We will help create a risk department from scratch. FscoreLab - developer of solutions in the field of data analysis and credit scoring. A large expertise of our team will help you to transfer your credit business to the best international practice in the sphere of risk management and data analysis as painlessly as possible